4 Tips to Get Your Home Sold For More Money

Most realtors will tell you that it is best to sell your home “as-is”. But what does “as-is” even mean in this sense? To me, this means that you are going to put the minimum amount of work into getting your home ready for the market. Your normal check-list might include the following:

#1. Declutter your home

#2. Rearrange furniture to be more visually appealing

#3. Clean up your yard

#4. Minimize evidence of pets and kids. (Before eyebrows raise; Yes! I am a lover of pets and kids. But hey, we are trying to sell a house here and get it in front of every possible buyer out there.)

Now, this is a fantastic start, but when do you need to go beyond a simple plan? The main thing you want to consider is what is your neighborhood calling for. Are you surrounded by new builds or homes that have recently been updated? Has your neighbor recently sold for more than what you thought their home would be worth? Compare. Really look at how your house holds up to the others. If you are unsure, this is what a Realtor® is for. My clients will always receive a recommended list price with the above check-list and a recommended list price with updating. Now, this can be as simple as paint colors or as extensive as renovating a kitchen. You want your home to SHINE like a pretty penny. Let’s take a look below. This home I recently sold has gone through some renovations before we sold. Here’s the kicker. The home was bought a year prior for $120,000 UNDER what it sold for the following year. “Yes Alicia, that’s great, but how much did the renovations cost?” How’s $30,000 sound?


When the home was bought, it had cheap carpet in the living room. There was hardwood flooring in the entry way and dining, but not through the living space. We simply extended the hardwood flooring through the living room and refinished the remainder.
Orange tile not your thing? Yeah, it’s not ours either. Tile was ripped up and replaced with a modern large plank ceramic tile in a creamy white.
Notice those orange countertops are gone? A beautiful granite tile replaced what was and adds loads of light into this expansive kitchen.
Pillars? What pillars? You wouldn’t even recognize this dining room. All walls were repainted in Comfy Beige by Behr and the pillars were removed. Now, the space is open and inviting.

This home is the perfect representation of what you can do to a home to update and modernize while still maintaining the original beauty of the home. This move-in ready home was a great purchase for the sellers and ideal for that buyer who wanted a turn-key home that didn’t need an ounce of work.

Looking for ideas on your home and curious if a renovation can give you more “bang” for your buck when you sell? Call me at 616-588-3625.

What to Expect in the Housing Market in 2019

Homeowners and non-homeowners alike are always fascinated with what’s happening in the real estate market. I find myself discussing what’s going on in the market with complete strangers while in line at the grocery store. It’s amazing! With a low inventory of available homes to buy, 2018 threw first time home buyers in a tizzy with competing offers and missing out on homes even with an over-asking price offer. Is this now the new norm for buying a home or can we expect to see a more “balanced” market in 2019?

In their forecasts for 2019, the National Association of Realtors expects home sales to flatten and home prices to continue to increase, although at a slower pace than 2018. NAR expects the median home sale price to rise 3.1 percent to around $266,800 in 2019. Overall, home values are expected to see a 2.2% increase in value over 2018. So, what does this mean? While inventory on available homes for sale are likely to remain equal to that of 2018, we are not likely to see the double digit appreciation like years past. Home values are seemingly increasing at a normal appreciation rate which means buyers are less likely to overpay for a property they would like to purchase.

Mortgage rates are expected to see an increase in 2019 as well. Realtor.com has mortgage rates averaging 5.3 percent in early 2019 and should reach 5.5 percent by the end of 2019. With anticipated increases in mortgage rates, this will leave potential buyers wondering how this will affect their buying power. Take a look at the chart below.

Overall, the housing market is continuing strong coming into 2019. With projected increases in 2019, it may be advantage to the buyer to buy sooner in 2019 than later. Questions on this information? Contact me at AliciaFisher@bhhsmi.com.