Top 3 Outdoor Spring Tasks For Your Home

The sun is out, the temperatures are warming and it’s time for us to get outside! While spring calls for hiking, walks in the park & lounging on the patio, we can’t forget to care for the exterior of our homes. After all, it’s the biggest investment the majority of us make. But where to start? Here’s a list of the 3 BIGGEST things we need to care for and maintain.

Siding Me Up!

You can use a garden hose and long handled scrub brush to clean the outside of your house, but a pressure washer can make the job go faster. Just be careful to not over do it and damage wood siding and trim. A mixture of bleach, detergent, and water can be used to remove mildew and clean vinyl siding.

After the exterior of your house has been cleaned, make any needed repairs to the siding and trim, then patch and paint bare spots. Scrape away peeling paint, and lightly sand to soften the edges so it will blend in with the old paint. Caulk any cracks, and apply two coats of quality exterior paint, being careful to feather the edges with the paintbrush so the patch won’t show.

No Roofing Around

Before it becomes too hot this spring, now is the time to clean your roof. Begin by sweeping or blowing off any leaves and branches on the roof, paying particular attention around chimneys and in valleys.

Once clean, start by inspecting your roof and replacing damaged shingles. Next, examine the chimney flashing and mortar joints on brick or stone chimneys. Use masonry caulk to repair any gaps or cracks in the flashing. If the flashing is in bad condition, make a quick fix with caulk, then call a roofing contractor for a more permanent repair.

It’s All Gutters From Here

Clogged and overflowing gutters can damage your home’s eaves and foundation when rainwater overflows. In preparation for spring rains, clean gutters and unclog downspouts. To make cleaning gutters easier, cut the bottom and sides off a plastic jug that’s the same width as your gutters, and use it to scoop out the debris. Then use a garden hose to rinse out the gutter and downspouts. This is the perfect time to check gutters for leaks.

Repair any loose gutter hangers or spikes and use a level to make sure the gutters slant slightly down toward the downspouts. To repair leaks in gutter seams, let the gutters dry thoroughly, then seal the crack using gutter sealer, exterior caulk, or roofing cement.


4 Top Spring Tasks for Your Home

Spring will be here before you know it and every homeowner knows what that means. It’s time to “spring~erize” our home.  Yes, I made that up.  Michigan winters will do that to you!  Here you will find some useful information to check off your spring to-do list to make sure your home is up and running before the warmer weather arrives.

Fan It Out!

Summer is coming (well, kinda) so it’s time to change the direction your paddle ceiling fans rotate. During spring and summer, ceiling fans should rotate counterclockwise when looking up at the fan. This creates a downdraft that makes you feel cooler when it blows on your skin. To change the direction of your ceiling fan, turn the fan off, allow the blades to stop, then flip the switch on the fan housing. On many fans the “down” position on the switch indicates downward air flow. If your fan has a remote control with a direction setting, this job doesn’t even require a ladder.

No Chimney Guests Allowed

After the last fire of the season, don’t forget to close your fireplace damper to keep drafts, rain, animals, and insects out of your home. The damper is a metal flap inside your fireplace that covers the opening to the chimney. It will have a loop, lever, or chains for opening and closing. Close loop dampers by hand or by inserting a poker into the loop. To close lever dampers, lift up slightly on the lever, then push or pull to close. Chain dampers are closed by pulling on the longer chain to disengage the mechanism, then pulling the shorter chain to close the flap.

What Allergies?

Replace the air filter on your central heating and cooling system every one to three months so it will run more efficiently and keep the air in your home cleaner. It’s easy to change the air filter by removing the cover on the air return, sliding out the old filter, and replacing it with a new one with the arrows on the filter pointing in the direction of air flow. If you suffer from allergies, this is a great time to upgrade to a high-performance allergen air filter for your home.

Waterproof Advice

Over time even small plumbing leaks can add up to thousands of gallons of water wasted. After the last winter freeze, it’s a good idea to check your water meter for plumbing leaks. If the triangular shaped flow indicator on the water meter is turning when water isn’t running in the house, you’ve got a leak. Finding a plumbing leak can be difficult, but the main culprits to check are toilets, outdoor spigots, irrigation systems, and pipes on exterior walls that may have been damaged in a freeze.

Top 3 Michigan Lakes for the Perfect Weekend Away (Maybe it’s time to invest there too)

Yet another snowy day in West Michigan has us of dreaming of long summer days gathered around a fire pit with gorgeous views of water in the background. Michigan is the perfect spot for memory-making days out on an all-sports lake or lounging on the beach with a cocktail in hand. But where should you go? There’s almost too many choices! I’ve gathered the top towns and lakes to check out this summer, so go ahead, add this to your summer calendar and explore Michigan!

Don’t want to drive far, yet want to still feel like you are away from it all?  Check out Gun Lake in Middleville.  Definitely the biggest inland lake within a 45-minute radius of Grand Rapids, Gun Lake offers all the recreational opportunities (on and off the water) that you can imagine. From fishing, swimming, boating and watersports to hiking, biking, and camping, Gun Lake has you covered. Encompassing almost 10 square miles, Yankee Springs Recreation Area is an extremely popular recreation destination for those from Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo. There is plenty of room to spread out on this nearly four-square-mile lake.

The bustling vacation town of Empire located along Lake Michigan has made the list of most popular vacation spots in the country. People who want to vacation here tend to gravitate toward vacation home rentals, so there is the possibility of income for a vacation home owner who plans to only use the property for short spurts throughout the year.

Another spot to consider is Hamlin Lake, located at the mouth of the Pere Marquette River and Lake Michigan. Ludington is the county seat of Mason County. A bustling calendar of events and several outdoor activities keep people in this area busy. The S.S. Badger Car Ferry offers an experience that many people don’t ever get to enjoy. Disc golf and golf courses, sandy beaches, and historic lighthouse tours provide entertainment for visitors and residents alike.People who are searching for a vacation home on Hamlin Lake will get to enjoy a wide range of pricing. The offerings range from single-family homes to townhouses and condominiums. Inland homes tend to sell at a lower price point than beachfront homes, but even the inland homes are close to the fun of the lake.

Thinking about buying and not just visiting for the weekend?

Michigan is a phenomenal location to own a vacation home, and renting out your home while you’re not using it with friends and family can be a great way to offset the costs of homeownership. But there are many challenges to buying, owning, and renting a vacation home. You need to know the area and what you want in a home for your own use and enjoyment, plus what your home should have to attract renters. You’ll need to be familiar with local tourism, real estate trends, and the state and local regulatory environment.  In addition, you will need to plan how you will maintain your home and manage your rental property from a distance without diverting too much of your personal time and energy away from your other priorities in life.

Curious about lake homes? Visit to start your search!

Top 3 Outdoor Activities You Must Do in West Michigan

While it’s certainly delightful to curl up with a cozy blanket and a mug of tea when temperatures drop, the cold doesn’t have to keep you from enjoying the benefits of time outside, which are important all year round.  The outdoors not only improve your mood and allow your body to absorb much needed Vitamin D, it also improves your memory and boosts the immune system!

Here are some of the coolest outdoor activities to do in Michigan! Whether you are looking for something for the whole family or just want to get out on your own, there’s bound to be one activity that peaks your interest.

Timberlee Hills is the largest snow tubing hill without dedicated lanes in the state of Michigan. Located just minutes from downtown Traverse City, this is a day you just have to experience and feel like a kid again! Need to warm up after? They have a lodge furnished with tables, TVs, a full service kitchen and a bar. You can enjoy pizza, nachos, cheesy bread, cinnamon sugar bread nuggets, artichoke dip with pita, hot chocolate or an adult beverage while you warm up!

Make a visit to the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex, which not only offers a family sledding area, but is also one of only four publically accessible luge tracks in the nation. Get your workout with over 2 acres of outdoor skating! Still can’t find something you love? The snowshoe trails offer the most beautiful scenery in the region! Hike the Woods Loop for a quick jaunt around Muskegon State Park or the Lake Michigan Loop and Lost Lake Trails for a more aggressive terrain and spectacular views of the lake shore.

When cross-country skiing in Michigan in the Great Lakes Bay, winter white trails and tunnels of trees dripping in ice are the backdrop to your Pure Michigan snow day! Explore almost 100 miles of Great Lakes Bay Regional Trail, rent skis on-site for the 11k stretch inside Midland’s City Forest, see 2,000+ acres of frozen wetlands and woods at Bay City State Recreation Area, or adventure through almost 20 miles of trails at Chippewa Nature Center. All within just a few hours of Grand Rapids!

4 Tips to Get Your Home Sold For More Money

Most realtors will tell you that it is best to sell your home “as-is”. But what does “as-is” even mean in this sense? To me, this means that you are going to put the minimum amount of work into getting your home ready for the market. Your normal check-list might include the following:

#1. Declutter your home

#2. Rearrange furniture to be more visually appealing

#3. Clean up your yard

#4. Minimize evidence of pets and kids. (Before eyebrows raise; Yes! I am a lover of pets and kids. But hey, we are trying to sell a house here and get it in front of every possible buyer out there.)

Now, this is a fantastic start, but when do you need to go beyond a simple plan? The main thing you want to consider is what is your neighborhood calling for. Are you surrounded by new builds or homes that have recently been updated? Has your neighbor recently sold for more than what you thought their home would be worth? Compare. Really look at how your house holds up to the others. If you are unsure, this is what a Realtor® is for. My clients will always receive a recommended list price with the above check-list and a recommended list price with updating. Now, this can be as simple as paint colors or as extensive as renovating a kitchen. You want your home to SHINE like a pretty penny. Let’s take a look below. This home I recently sold has gone through some renovations before we sold. Here’s the kicker. The home was bought a year prior for $120,000 UNDER what it sold for the following year. “Yes Alicia, that’s great, but how much did the renovations cost?” How’s $30,000 sound?


When the home was bought, it had cheap carpet in the living room. There was hardwood flooring in the entry way and dining, but not through the living space. We simply extended the hardwood flooring through the living room and refinished the remainder.
Orange tile not your thing? Yeah, it’s not ours either. Tile was ripped up and replaced with a modern large plank ceramic tile in a creamy white.
Notice those orange countertops are gone? A beautiful granite tile replaced what was and adds loads of light into this expansive kitchen.
Pillars? What pillars? You wouldn’t even recognize this dining room. All walls were repainted in Comfy Beige by Behr and the pillars were removed. Now, the space is open and inviting.

This home is the perfect representation of what you can do to a home to update and modernize while still maintaining the original beauty of the home. This move-in ready home was a great purchase for the sellers and ideal for that buyer who wanted a turn-key home that didn’t need an ounce of work.

Looking for ideas on your home and curious if a renovation can give you more “bang” for your buck when you sell? Call me at 616-588-3625.

What to Expect in the Housing Market in 2019

Homeowners and non-homeowners alike are always fascinated with what’s happening in the real estate market. I find myself discussing what’s going on in the market with complete strangers while in line at the grocery store. It’s amazing! With a low inventory of available homes to buy, 2018 threw first time home buyers in a tizzy with competing offers and missing out on homes even with an over-asking price offer. Is this now the new norm for buying a home or can we expect to see a more “balanced” market in 2019?

In their forecasts for 2019, the National Association of Realtors expects home sales to flatten and home prices to continue to increase, although at a slower pace than 2018. NAR expects the median home sale price to rise 3.1 percent to around $266,800 in 2019. Overall, home values are expected to see a 2.2% increase in value over 2018. So, what does this mean? While inventory on available homes for sale are likely to remain equal to that of 2018, we are not likely to see the double digit appreciation like years past. Home values are seemingly increasing at a normal appreciation rate which means buyers are less likely to overpay for a property they would like to purchase.

Mortgage rates are expected to see an increase in 2019 as well. has mortgage rates averaging 5.3 percent in early 2019 and should reach 5.5 percent by the end of 2019. With anticipated increases in mortgage rates, this will leave potential buyers wondering how this will affect their buying power. Take a look at the chart below.

Overall, the housing market is continuing strong coming into 2019. With projected increases in 2019, it may be advantage to the buyer to buy sooner in 2019 than later. Questions on this information? Contact me at